Name: Trinity M. Shaw


Graduation Year: 2017


Interests in School: Choir, Volleyball, English & World History


Favorite Teacher/ Subject: Choir with Mr. Davis because I enjoy singing and having help to improve my singing voice. I also enjoyed having World History with Ms. Mahn because she is good at teaching and helping understand the history of other countries.


Writing Areas of Expertise/ Interests: I often free write when I’m bored and have time at home. I like writing fiction and about different people's lives like things they may go through.


Interests Outside of School: I like to draw, sing, write, chill wit my friends and go shopping.


What Aspects of Life at Roosevelt Are You Excited To Write About? I’m excited about writing about different difficulties or social/race issues that people may go at Roosevelt through.


What Do You Want To Do After High School/ Future Plans? I’m thinking about going to college right after high school to get my generals out the way and decide whether or not if I wanna become a kindergarten or first grade teacher.


Trinity Shaw, Writer

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