Reshawn Barrett



Varsity sports

Ms mahon, ms hawkins, mr ferrel, They were all funny and connected with all the students, I actually learned the year I had those teachers, I would highly recommend those teachers if you are looking for classes.

I love writing essays and very thought out questions, writing essays are easy and fun to give my ideas.

I am excited to write about the people, on how people view roosevelt, on how to get roosevelt back on the map.

I want to either play a sport in college, be a writer, psychologist, therapist, why I want to those things is because sports has been a big part of my life, they keep me going and happy.  The other two things that i would love to do is something not even close to sports. I am very good for being a leader and responsible. I have very good skills for getting out of conflicts so i would love to do that by writing. Writing essays and books are really fun for me.



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