2017-2018 Staff

Derick Gaetan

Student Writer

Derick Gaetan is a senior at Roosevelt High School. He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota but his family originated from an island named Haiti. His family raised him to be humble and appreciate things that could easily not be ...

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Jennifer Meza


Jennifer is a senior at Roosevelt High School. She was born and has lived in Minnesota her whole life. She has a job so she works a lot on her free time. She is also really focused on her academic performance and has always been...

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Esperanza Guzman


High school Volleyball is pretty fun, at times it can be challenging, but the challenge is great. I like Volleyball because it’s easy and it’s basically just a really intense game of “Don’t let the balloon touch the gro...

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Russia Greyeagle


Russia is a 9th grader at Roosevelt high school and a member of the Teddy Journalism team! Russia loves photography and longboarding in his spare time. When he grows up, Russia hopes to be in the Marines.

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Esperanza Guzman


Eleanor & Park  By: Rainbow Rowell   This book is about two star-crossed misfits. One red-head, Eleanor, who can barely afford a toothbrush and toothpaste, has an abusive stepfather and an unstable family and no...

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Kayelynn Younkin


My name is Kayelynn, I prefer the pronouns she and her. I am in 10th grade. In school i am interested in Science and Health. My favorite teacher is Ms Spector because she’s funny, energetic and nice. I don’t have any writing ...

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Katie Wight


My name is Katie Wight and I’m a sophomore this year at Roosevelt. My interests in school are Spanish Immersion, swimming, golf, spanish debate. My favorite teacher is Mr.Felton because he never gives up on his students, alway...

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Thomas Solberg


Thomas Solberg He/Him/His Grade: 10   My favorite teacher is Mr. Corts (even though he's not here anymore so R.I.P) favorite subject is Math i guess. I want to write about Netflix and Hulu   Persona...

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Trinity Shaw


Name: Trinity M. Shaw   Graduation Year: 2017   Interests in School: Choir, Volleyball, English & World History   Favorite Teacher/ Subject: Choir with Mr. Davis because I enjoy singing and having he...

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Sasha Ryshkus Knutson


  Sasha Ryshkus Knutson I’m in 12th grade and a benchwarmer on the varsity boys soccer team. I love soccer and hate cops. I want to write about things roosevelt students care about and want to read. I don’t know ...

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Benjamin Quenemoen


Nines (He him/They Them)   Use this as my photo My year has been slow but alright My interests are writing, gaming, and computer stuff Favorite teacher is Ms Carter and favorite subject is World History I enjoy writing...

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Cara Morrow


My name is Cara, I prefer the pronouns She/her. I am in 11th grade. My interests in school are math and science. My favorite class is Avid because it’s fun and very helpful. In my free time I enjoy sleeping and working. I w...

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Deja Mcallister


Deja McAllister is a 12th grader whose favorite class is Senior Transitions. Outside of school, she works two jobs, and is interested in anything that interests her. After Roosevelt, she plans to go to MCTC and then transfer to...

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Jacob Maxwell


I’ve been a fairly active member at roosevelt high school since freshman year I’ve been in every school play from it's revival, I’ve been involved with improv from freshman year and I’ve helped in the school's wire. My...

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Malik Lucas


Hi, my name is Malik Lucas (Ma-Leek, Lu-Cuss). I am a Junior at Roosevelt. My interest and hobbies in school include basketball, baseball, and football. My favorite teacher is Ms. Jensen and my favorite subject is History. Th...

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Matthew Kinzley


Matthew Kinzley is a journalist for The Roosevelt Standard. He uses he/him pronouns and is in 10th Grade. He likes to do tech crew for the play and is interested in all musicals. His favorite subject in school is English. He loves ...

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Shastine Holm


Shastine Holm   The name I go by for most is Sas. I prefer the female pronouns. This is my third year at Roosevelt and I am currently a senior. I love anything and everything that involves being athletic. I play/ha...

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Mohamed Hassan


  My name is Mohamed and it is pronounced as Mo-Ha-Med. Am at my 3rd year at high school. Also I play soccer for roosevelt high school and one thing i enjoy at roosevelt is beacons because we do lots of sports. My favor...

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Esperanza Guzman


My name is Esperanza Guzman. I’m in 9th grade. I am on the Volleyball team. My favorite teacher would be Ms. Spector, she teaches English. I like Ms. Spector because the way she teaches English, she likes to keep thing...

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Symone Gordon


Symone is a 12th grade member of the Journalism class. At Roosevelt, her favorite teacher is Ms. Harveson. Outside of school, Symone enjoys hanging out with friends, drawing, and watching movies. For the Standard, she hopes to...

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Joseph Gonzalez


Joseph Gonzalez He/Him 10th Varsity soccer Ms.Spector, Ms. Mahon are my favorite teachers because they both taught me and showed me strategies on reading and writing. My favorite subjects in school are US History and English...

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Imani Evege


My name is Imani, my pronouns are She or Her (don’t judge me this picture is from freshman year) I am a senior at Roosevelt. I am apart of the African American Culture Club and I try to participate in other clubs and ...

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Angelina Doyle


Angelina Doyle is a senior on the Journalism team. Science, chemistry in particular is my favorite subject. My favorite teacher is Mr. Andersland. I love motivational and self empowerment writing. I love biking, swimming, drawin...

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Reshawn Barrett


Reshawn Barrett He/him 11th Varsity sports Ms mahon, ms hawkins, mr ferrel, They were all funny and connected with all the students, I actually learned the year I had those teachers, I would highly recommend those...

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Olivia Mallery


Olivia is a junior at Roosevelt High School. This is her second year on the Standard staff. She helps out with costumes, props, makeup, and backstage things for the school theater productions. Olivia considers herself a professiona...

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