AACC Takes Trip To Visit Colleges!

Jesse Dobyne, Staff Writer

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African American Culture Club at Roosevelt H.S. took a trip to North Carolina to visit HBCUs (Historical Black College Universities) over spring break.

The group attended 8 colleges in NC. Some of the colleges were Johnson C. University, Livingstone, North Carolina Central and St. Augustine. The group rode the bus for 22 hours to get there. The bus ride was long, but it was definitely worth it. I am also a member of AACC and I can say that the trip was life changing and I will like to attend one of the HBCUs next year.

Greg Lucas, an assistant principal at Roosevelt and also the leader of AACC says, “He wanted to expose African American students to African American college as an option, and show them that they can be successful in graduating from a HBCU.”  He did not attend a HBCU himself but he feels African American students could be better off at an HBCU. “HBCUs  graduate roughly 80 percent of all students of color currently.”

The trip was non profit to the students who attended and this was made possible by MCTC’s Trio program and Talent Search.

Joshua Cattledge, a staff member at Roosevelt and also a chaperone on the trip said, “I feel as though the trip gave majority of the students who went a new perspective on college and what HBCUs actually are.” He also stated, “If I was a high school student again I would’ve definitely attended an HBCU after chaperoning the trip.”

The trip was fun because it wasn’t just visiting colleges, we went to an African-American civil rights museum, The Wright Brothers memorial, a church, and a plantation.

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AACC Takes Trip To Visit Colleges!