Restaurant Review/Recommendation (Tin Fish)

Gabriela Perez A.

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My favorite restaurant has to be the Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun. Me, my dad, and my brother used to bike from my dad’s apartment building all the way to Lake Calhoun. We would canoe and kayak for most of the day during the summer and then order food and rest before the bike ride home. The Tin Fish has amazing fish tacos and their fries are to die for. I always eat my waffle fries first. Unfortunately, the line is always tremendously long but the nice weather and the boats on the water makes the time spent in line seem a lot shorter. They have a patio area and a little bar that faces the water. There are always ducks that hang out by the bar expecting their share of waffle fries even though there’s a huge sign that says NOT to feed the ducks. I haven’t been there in so long, but it’s definitely one of my favorite places in Minneapolis. The staff are always super nice and one of my friends Peter actually works there now. I work at parkway and that’s also a place that I would highly recommend. Working at parkway has been one of the coolest experiences by far. I can assure you, all of our food is homemade and all natural, we even have a separate vegan menu. All of our pizzas and everything else is made in house. Our service is great, if I do say so myself and everyone that works there feels like one big family. Our wings are my favorite, they’re not too spicy, but you do have the option of kicking it up a notch if you’re in that kind of mood. I always ask for them well done. We also have these great homemade cookies. When it’s a little slow, we like to wrap the cookies in tin foil and put them on the warmer that keeps all of the takeout food warm while it waits to be picked up. If you leave your cookie on the warmer for about 2 ½ minutes, it gets all warm and gooey, its like eating a warm hug. Our manager Robert is so kind and very helpful to any customer or staff member that needs it. Come and visit me at Parkway! And make sure to stop by the Tin Fish.

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Restaurant Review/Recommendation (Tin Fish)