$500 Date

Reshawn Barrett, Staff Writer

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I have been on very few dates myself, and all of them were less than 100$. There are many ways to take a very nice lady on a date, and occasionally taking the man out if it is their birthday, or if they just don’t have the initiative to ask the girl out on a date. Now if the date all together is 500$, then either you really like this gal or something really bad happened on the date. This is a case of where you just really like this person. Let’s get started.

It all starts on a Saturday night, not Friday, or she thinks you are just trying to get into her pants by the end of the night. Saturday sets the tone and the feelings that are there. Saturday gets her thinking that she is something important in your life to give up a very big day of the week. Friday night is for partying and sleeping for a good next day (being Saturday), Sunday is the lazy day or getting work done at the final minute. Saturday is the free day, where anything is possible ( if you are a doctor, I am very sorry this does not pertain to your life). So when you wake up on that Saturday with the birds chirping and the coffee is tastefully good, have good thoughts and think clearly, do not think badly about yourself because the first step is already done, by asking her out, and she had the option of say yes or no.

Now finally the time is here, there’s only an hour until you have to pick up this girl and give her the night of her life. Dress appropriately and smell nice, make sure to wear deodorant because you do not want to be a funny story that the date tells their friends. When you leave, make sure you have something to give, its like prom where you give the girl her corsage to tell “You’re looking beautiful,” blah blah blah. So something thoughtful to give, but nothing too much. Be yourself, but also be polite, ask questions such as, “Are you ready to go?” “Do you want me to get your coat?’’ Open the door for them and close the door at the appropriate time. When in the car, talk, don’t be afraid to talk, ask them about their day, ask them how they are feeling. You may be saying to yourself “How should I ask them what they want for dinner?” The answer in you are supposed to have that planned out before hand, if you have to make reservations, when you choose, do not choose your favorite restaurant. Try something new and make it a memorable dinner (good or bad).

Now the dinner is going to be a lot of money from the start, make sure to fill their stomach and yours as well. Have some desert, some appetizers. The dinner itself should be a good hour or an hour and a half worth of eating, talking, and learning more about one another. When you leave the restaurant remember to be polite and open the door. Keep the rest of the date a mystery, you want to show off a bit and show them you can handle big things in life. It will make them feel special because you planned something, and took time for them. Bring them to the movies, no romance because you should not want to get some advice from a movie or your moves might be in the movie, no time for exposing. Buy some snacks if your stomachs are up to it, and make another memory for the future. After the movie the date will start to be a little boring, because you sat for most of the date, so it’s time to wake up your bodies and move. Time to go compete, there is nothing better than a little 1-1 against each other, trust me, girls love “play fighting” as I like to say. Spend some money and beat them at pool or bowling. The arcade games are a lot of fun if they give you tickets for how well you do on the games, get into those little picture booth things and get some photos of yourselves and rip it in half so both off you can have a part, or just buy two of them. Finally end on a good note, since you care about this person, end on some gifts. Some jewelry, some clothing, some tickets for a future concert that both of you like (you should know that because of the TALKING that you did). Make the person smile and remember.

Now you got into this article to learn how to go on a memorable date that starts your future. Yes this date is around 500$ out your pocket. Remember to be polite, be yourself, have confidence, talk, and to make it into a memory you both will never forget. These dates are the easiest as long as you put in the time to think and remember the goal of the date.

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$500 Date