What Teachers Have to do to Get Their Student’s Attention

Joseph Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Teachers can sometimes struggle getting the students attention, so they play games, or to make a point on the lesson they’re teaching about. Students get bored with the teacher if he/she does nothing but work and no fun (not playing games). I get in bored if the teachers don’t play any games in the classroom.

Ms. Graber teaches the first two levels of French at Roosevelt High School (there are two French teachers at Roosevelt, the other one teaches French 3 & 4), and she uses Kahoot.it for her one of her games to play in her French 1 and 2 class. She gives out candy for the top 5 people in the Kahoot! game. I have a love/hate relationship with Kahoot!, it makes me understand more about the topic we are learning about, but in the other hand it is rage inducing for me. Mrs. Graber also uses LOTTO (BINGO, but in French) and it gets fun and competitive too, she usually lets 3 or 5 students win and whoever wins gets candy, and then she tells us to change color and start up a new round. Ms. Graber has a lot of fun games and fun activities, I hardly get bored in her class.

Ms. Schmitz is one of the math teachers at Roosevelt, and she also uses Kahoot! for her games or for an activity. Ms. Schmitz doesn’t give us candy in every Kahoot! we do, but she will use it as a learning source for a test. Ms. Schmitz uses stations sometimes, but they don’t involve any candy or a prize, they’re just to learn and the students don’t like it as much since it involves moving around, but at least we learn something about the unit. She also made a really fun game that I enjoyed. It involved playing basketball with rolled up paper and our teams were the people who sat at our table. Ms. Schmitz would give us a question and we would have to answer the equation, and if we got the right answer we would get a chance to go up and make a shot in the recycling bin. There were two lines where you could shoot from, there was one that was close to the bin which would count for 1 point, and another one that was farther away that would count for 3 points. It was really fun.

Mr. Fitz is a U.S History teacher that I have, and he also uses Kahoot! for lessons, but he hardly uses it. We mostly just do work, and we hardly get to play games, but when we do play games he has a reason to teach us. His class can somewhat get boring because he doesn’t play very many games, but I love his class because of the work we do. I don’t think every student likes that since most students don’t like a lot of work or homework and want just to be lazy and not worry about it. When Mr. Fitz doesn’t play games for lessons I feel really bored or just don’t understand what is going in class.

In conclusion, teachers have to make games or activities just to get the student’s attention or just make a point for the lesson they are learning about. Teachers in Roosevelt High School somewhat struggle to get student’s attention so they have to be creative and make games up. Games are fun to play as a student and also to understand the lesson the teacher is trying to make too. I have learned a lot of things from activities and games made by the teachers I have.

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What Teachers Have to do to Get Their Student’s Attention