How Much Does Minnesota Spend on Schools?

Thomas Solberg, Staff Writer

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Did you know that it costs on average $10,615 to send a kid to a public school for a year? But that’s just a figure. It costs different states a different amount to send a student to a school. For places such as New York, Washington DC, and Alaska it costs 16,000, or even more a year.

But that’s a long way from Minnesota. In just elementary schools we have an income of $10,704,689, but the state pays $10,776,766 which is a total of -$72,077 in debt. This was released by the Educational Finance Branch in 2015.

Did you know that the United States in elementary/secondary schools alone spends $596,290,922 and makes a total of $597,929,599? Which is a total gain of $1,638,677!!!

In the year 2013, Minnesota spent on average of $13,340 a student. We were ranked #18 in how much each state paid per pupil in 2013. Washington DC spent the most at $29,427 per student. And Idaho spending the least at $7,408 per student.

But that was 2013. What about something more recent? Well according to this article, in 2016 Minnesota, as a state, has a $20.4 billion budget. 42% (which is a little over $8 billion) is spent on education K-12. All this money goes toward the more than 840,000 students. It also takes more than 55,000 teachers and over 2,000 schools to teach them all.

The money the state pays on students differs on the grade:

The state pays $6,067 for every student K-6th.

The state pays $7,280 for every 7th-12th grade student.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau Minnesota ranked #21 in the per-pupil funding. In this report they used 2014 data. When you average out between all of the states in 2014, the amount of money spent on one student was averaged to $11,009, Minnesota spent $11,464 per student. Which is $455 more than the average.

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How Much Does Minnesota Spend on Schools?