A Day in the Life of a RHS Teddy

Katie Wight, Staff Writer

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For the beginning of my school day, I start out with Advanced Algebra which is taught by Mr. Voeks and Mr. S. I usually arrive at Roosevelt by 8:00 AM and then head to my first class so I have some time to settle in before the class starts. Most students in that class are Juniors, except for me, I’m a Sophomore. Every day, we have a warm up to complete for about the first 10 minutes and then we get on with the lesson and/or classwork. We recently just started a unit about solving a system of equations using substitution or elimination which we already learned in Intermediate Algebra but now we’re getting more in depth with it. I really enjoy this class because I’m always learning something new and because it’s a great way to wake my brain up.

My next class of the day is Biology taught by Profe Vásquez in room 257. Since I’m in the Spanish Immersion Program, I take this class in Spanish with other 10th grade students. Instead of sitting individual desks, we sit at tables and some students even stand in the back of the classroom. I prefer to sit at the front of the room because then I’m less tempted to converse with my peers and not complete my work. Just recently, we took a test on RNA and proteins (ARN y proteinas) and next we’re going to learn about mutations (mutaciones). While science isn’t my favorite subject, Profe Vásquez does an excellent job explaining the material and that really helps me understand what I’m learning.

After that, is Journalism taught by Ms. Oberg in computer room 267. This class is a mix of all grades and is only a semester long. For this quarter, every week, we have an article due and one of those weeks is spent with Ms.Hansen creating a WiRE video. This class really challenges my time management and social skills as well as my ability to stay focused. It’s very easy to stop working on an article and start taking quizzes on Buzzfeed. One thing I really enjoy about this class is how much freedom we have. While there is a lot of responsibility, we’re given the opportunity to interview students, staff, community members, etc. and take pictures or videos.

Then, my last class before lunch is US History taught by Ms. Sewesky in room 115. At the beginning of the year, this class was taught in Spanish by another teacher, but after 1st quarter, she quit due to personal reasons. We went through a 2 week period of having different substitutes and doing basically nothing while the school was in the process of looking for a new teacher. Finally, right before Thanksgiving break, the school hired Ms. Sewesky who unfortunately, isn’t fluent in Spanish but is an amazing teacher. Just recently, we’ve been learning about the history of slavery in the United States and different events that impacted people during that time.

Next, after lunch, is Spanish Language Arts taught by Profe López on the 3rd floor and is my last Spanish Immersion class of the day. We just finished our letter to an official, whether it’s a president, governor or any other elected official. In our letter, we wrote about an issue or event that has a big impact on our community, state or even country. For this class, I sit towards the front of the room because it helps me stay more focused and not get distracted by my peers. While this class isn’t my favorite, I enjoy the material we learn and how Profe López usually connects what we are learning to the real world.

After that, I have Piano taught by Mr. Felton. While I was in elementary school, I took piano lessons but I quit once I started middle school. Now, I’m continuing and expanding my knowledge of this instrument. Right now, we are practicing a piece of our choosing for our piano recital in January. My friend and I chose to play a medley of 4 different Disney Princess songs: Colors of the Wind, Man out of You, Part of Your World and Beauty and the Beast. I really like this class because I enjoy playing the piano and because it’s a nice brain break from all my other classes.

Lastly, I have English 10 taught by Ms. Howard on the first floor right by the copy room. Right now we are reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare and are watching different movie/TV versions of the book. This class tends to be pretty mellow but can become quite intense when there is a deadline in place. One thing I find challenging is to stay focused or not fall asleep. With that class being my last one of the day, it’s not difficult to stray from work.

Overall, I enjoy all of my classes but what really gets me through my day, are my amazing peers.

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A Day in the Life of a RHS Teddy