Gay Rights/ Marriages

Esperanza Guzman, Staff Writer

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This subject is very controversial because everyone has their own opinions and some of those people like to argue whether gay rights are right or not, and in this subject there is no such thing as “being right” because it is all opinion. People do have their own opinions and they are allowed to as well. But the reason it is so controversial is because there are some people that like to argue and try to prove themselves “right” and then there are some people that support it. People around the world face violence, inequality, sometimes torture, and even execution because of who they love, how they look, or who they are. Sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of ourselves and should never lead to discrimination or abuse. Some people think gay marriage/gay rights are harmful, they think it can “ruin” your children and put thoughts in their heads that are “bad,” and it’s not bad, kids can be curious about themselves and experiment, try to find themselves and, this is just my opinion, it’s not a fact. I don’t know if it can affect anyone in their community, maybe it can affect the parents of the child or adults, and alright,I was wrong, it can affect someone and their lives, but it can not affect the world. It can affect the person, the family, the lives who care. I’m not sure it can affect race or ethnicity unless their race or ethnicity are against gay people. It honestly depends on the person. Gay marriage is legal in all fifty states, however there are a few states where it is pending. I think what we need to change is how we’re treating the people who are gay, some might not feel safe because of what the world thinks of them and that is not right. Everyone should feel safe, no matter who they are. There are protests about gay rights and a lot of debate about it what we could do to make things equal and change up the laws. The things that are not being done are that we are not equal, they say “America is a free country,” it doesn’t feel really free if people can’t marry who they want to marry and if people can’t be who they truly are without being judged or bullied at work or school. Groups or organizations, they could possibly make themselves be heard by many other people and could make gay people feel safe and not just gay people, they could make the LGBTQ+ people and people who support those people can feel safe.

This topic impacts Roosevelt because I do know lots of people who are gay or bi and some very few of those people are confident with themselves, and some are scared that they will be judged and bullied for being LGBTQ+ and this could possibly make them feel safe and supported and equal with others who are different than them. They do need to know that they are safe and it’s okay to be themselves. We support you guys.

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Gay Rights/ Marriages