Poverty in America

Imani Evege, Staff Writer

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Families are living in poverty all over the world. In 2015, an estimated 43.1 million Americans were living in poverty, 546,000 Minnesotans were also living below the poverty line. This is a big issue especially for children, 165,000 Minnesotans under the age of 18 are also living in poverty. I interviewed a few students and a teacher about their definition of poverty, the effect it has on students, and how the poverty rate can decrease.
Mr. Felton’s definition if poverty is not having enough to sustain after you’ve lived through life and have a family. He also said that poverty affects everyone regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. His solution focused on how America needs to take more care of our lower class neighbors and cities because this is our future and our youth are growing up in harsh environments.
I also interviewed a senior, his definition of poverty is a lack of resources in a particular area. It affects youth the most because there are generations of families that have lived in poverty their entire life, which causes crime and conflict within their neighborhoods. A solution he said was that people can start more fundraisers and charity events to help those in need.
I interviewed another student who is a sophomore and their definition of poverty was people whose income are below the sufficient of income to live. It affects youth especially because this is the era that we’re growing up in. A solution should be America focusing more on the lower class instead of the upper class.
In 2016, 67.9% of Roosevelt students received Free or Reduced lunch, this year everyone gets a free lunch because our student body increased! Youth are being affected a lot by poverty and its stereotypes.

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Poverty in America