My Area of Expertise: Singing

Trinity Shaw, Staff Writer

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My expertise is singing. I see singing as a talent that anyone can have with enough practice.

Singing can be very complex when you’re first learning. With singing, sometimes the smallest change can make all the difference. For example, while singing, the more vertical and open your mouth is, the louder your sound will be. When singing higher notes, you want to use your “head voice” which means you don’t want to sing from your chest as strongly. When singing lower notes you do want to sing from your chest and stomach.

While singing you always want to have a good singing posture as well.

I personally learn best by hearing the music rather than reading it. Everyone learns differently. In 8th grade I began singing more seriously. I joined a choir known as The MacPhail Community Youth Choir. We would meet every Saturday at the Capri Theater on Broadway Ave. This was my first ever time sharing my voice with others. I was a very shy and timid person. Then the next year was when I became a freshman in high school. I joined the choir and have been a part of it ever since, which is a while because I’m a senior now.

I chose this as my expertise because I feel that it is something I’ve become very good at. And I could teach many people about it.

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My Area of Expertise: Singing