Tips for Soccer: Advice from a Roosevelt player

Joseph Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Hi name is Joseph and “I’m good, or a demon” at soccer, based on my friends and anyone that has seen me play. I like setting goals at soccer, but they have to be real, no fantasy. I will always try my hardest to do my best and not give up even if we’re getting destroyed. I have one question for you. Yes, you. Can you guess what my position is? Come on try…. Whatever you’re doing can wait. Alright, good, you have an answer. My position is a goalie, yeah I know you’re shocked, many people don’t like being it because you can’t score goals and all that, but you need to be brave to be a goalie. This position isn’t easy at all, but one thing about this position is that you can be the hero of the game, or the villain. You might wonder how I am good at this position, well it is very easy, I  always listen to my criticism no matter if it hurts, but the truth can always hurt. I always try to fix my mistakes and keep on practicing. The weird thing about me is I’m fast as a goalie and I never knew how I got my speed, I was 7 years old when I noticed that I was pretty fast, not Usain Bolt fast, but some good speed for a kid.

   I wasn’t born having this skill at soccer, nobody in general is born with any skill, they just practice and practice to gain that skill. Here are some tips that can maybe help you or anybody. Tip #1: Always be persistent, if you’re having a bad practice session or a bad game, just keep on fighting until you feel you did a good job and always keep your head up, we all have bad games and good games and we all make mistakes. Tip #2: Communicate in a practice session or a game. When I mean about communicating is saying “man on” when someone is coming behind a person. Just saying things like that helps the player make quick decisions. Tip #3: Always ask your coaches on what you should work on if you want to make it to the high level team. Tip #4: If you’re in a club that’s a pretty bad club or feel like they are, don’t be afraid to try out for a high level club. You can improve so much in a high level club, if you don’t make it to the high level team that travels a lot or just in general. Don’t give up on that goal if you are reaching for that high level team, just keep coming to practices and they will watch you practice/come to your games and then little did you know you made it to the high level team, I have experienced this and it feels good when you reached that high level team. Tip #5: Never miss practice when you’re in a club and specially the high level club team. If you’re really sick, or an event  is happening in your school then you can miss practice, if there is a birthday party or just a party, go to practice no matter what, don’t cheat your way out of soccer practice. I hope these tips can help you out and if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. @[email protected]

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Tips for Soccer: Advice from a Roosevelt player