Soccer Season for Boys and Girls

Joseph Gonzalez and Reshawn Barrett

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The Boy’s Varsity/Junior Varsity Soccer team were both very fun and competitive, bonds were created, our teammates became like family. I liked that we all came together half of the season and the chemistry was building up every game. Something I disliked about the soccer season was the defense not being strong and not tackling when I needed them to, and just everyone giving up, pissed me off.

As the Captain of the varsity soccer team I, Reshawn Barrett, had an up and down season. I liked the chemistry we had in the end of the season, We started believing that we could play with any team, we all know it and we could keep up with anyone, just it never showed on the field. We always had one bad half and then one good half. I loved my teammates, I would have done a lot for the team, sad to say our season got put to an end the first games of playoffs (1-2) to St. Paul Nova.   

The Girl’s season went really good, might have been one of their best seasons yet, their record was (9-6) in the regular season and they went (1-1) in playoffs. I asked Emma, one of the girl’s captain. “How do you feel your season went?”, and she responded, “I think it was fantastic! I had so much fun winning and losing with them. I couldn’t ask for a better season”. I asked Ana another captain in the Girl’s team, “What were the strengths and weaknesses in the team?”, her response was, “The team definitely valued respect and teddy spirit, there was constant positive communication on and off the pitch. We worked hard to support each other during tough games and learned from mistakes we had made in our play.” I asked Kate the last captain in the Gir’s team, “What do you think of the (10-7) record this season?”, she answere, “I’m really proud of it, it’s a big accomplishment to have won 10 games. We worked really hard for this record.” The Girl’s soccer team had an amazing season this year, can wait until the next season. The Girl’s soccer team had an amazing season this year, can wait until the next season.                                

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Soccer Season for Boys and Girls