Roosevelt Volleyball

Esperanza Guzman

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High school Volleyball is pretty fun, at times it can be challenging, but the challenge is great.

I like Volleyball because it’s easy and it’s basically just a really intense game of “Don’t let the balloon touch the ground”. If you’re just getting into a volleyball and/or never have been on a team, it will hurt because you’re not used to a ball hitting your arms the way the volleyball does while you’re playing especially with someone or a team who has a powerful serve. The sport doesn’t allow any jewelry on you during games and your coach will most likely not let you ar practices either like say if I wear any kind of jewelry during practice I would have to run two laps around the whole gym. You’re not allowed to wear jewelry is because it messes up your control with the ball and it can cause injuries, depending on the jewelry just in case you were thinking “This rule is stupid!”.

To get on the team you would have to get a Physical if your three years is up, if it is you would have to make an appointment with the school health clinic or your personal doctor.

To participate in any games you would have to complete 8 practices so don’t skip practices, just don’t skip practices in general because what’s the point of joining volleyball when you’re just gonna skip.


Rules for Volleyball: (because I don’t think they do go over the rules)

  • Have to complete 8 practices to participate in games
  • No jewelry of any kind.
  • Bad grades or if you get in a fight or any trouble during school or a volleyball event, any of those could affect you playing on the team.

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Roosevelt Volleyball