School Lunch!

Cara Morrow and Kayelynn Younkin

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Food is a very important part of a teenagers life. To learn more about the food we serve here at Roosevelt, we interviewed the lunch staff.

Do you eat the food?

“Oh yeah all the time.”

Do you like food?

“I do like the food.”

Do you make everything here at Roosevelt?

“Most of it is made here, some of the sauces are made in the central location called the Nutrition Center on plymouth, it’s over north. They do the bulk of the sauces and some other stuff like the the mixed salads, like the cowboy caviar, but for the most part the food is made here.”

Where do you get all of the other ingredients?

“From different suppliers. Most of our frozen goods come from a place called IFD which is in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We get our milk from shroder. We get our vegetables from a company called H Brooks and there in New Brighton. And Pan-O-Gold does our bread.”

On average how long does it take to prepare the food?

“We try to prep some of the stuff we do the day before but I would say 2 of us get here at 5:30 and the rest show up between 7:30 and 9:30 so I would say it takes roughly about 3 hours to do pretty much everything. We do the breakfast in the morning though.”

Do you think this new lunch is healthier than what we had in the past?

“Oh yeah for sure, you know what we have today? Braised kale, delicious!”

Do you guys get to pick what you serve?

“No, we’re like the middlemen. They make the menu, we order it and make sure everything is here and cook it and stuff like that. But they had like turkey taco meat, you might even had it in elementary school and all that stuff but they had a competition once, and the team I was on won, and that actually got put on the menu, so that was kinda cool. I don’t know if you’ve seen the posters for this Junior Iron Chef, like you guys could even sign up for it, and you work with a chef, and I think this year you are working with an NFL player, so it was like the Super Bowl edition, and whatever you make is going to be added to the menu, and I think they were even going to serve it at a food truck at the school which is kinda cool. So we’re doing a lot of good things and it’s super healthy, its really good.”

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School Lunch!