All Students Are Welcome At The School Based Clinic

Symone Gordon, Staff Writer

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The school based clinic, located at Room 143 on the first floor here at Roosevelt, offers free healthcare to anyone who needs it. You can be seen during school hours and school days so your parents don’t have to take time off work and students don’t have to miss school.

Services the clinic here at roosevelt offers:

Medical: physicals, immunizations, treatment of minor illness and injuries, pregnancy test, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, family planning exams, and prescriptions .

Mental Health: prevention, early intervention treatment and referrals. Typical issues include : depression, anxiety, stress, family and relationship issues, and planning for the future.

Nutrition: counseling for sports nutrition, special diets for weight gain/loss, vegetarian diets, and other special dietary needs.

Health Education: individual and classroom presentation on a variety of health  issues.  

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All Students Are Welcome At The School Based Clinic