NBA 2k18

Mohamed Hassan, Staff Writer

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NBA 2k18 is a sports game that allows you to play games in the NBA. The way NBA 2k18 is looking this year is more than just playing games in NBA in a video game mode, but more like playing the games in the NBA and living like a real NBA player; you have your own agent, house, and friends. Also, you get to sign with big companies that NBA player signed with in real life, for example Jordan and Nike. When asked, Mohamed Ismail, who is a big fan of NBA 2k18, what he thinks of the new game, he replied, “I love the game and for me it is the best way to feel like and NBA player”.  This gives players who did not live up to becoming an actual NBA player are experiencing it is to be one. Also, the game brings people together, so it’s an easy way to make friends if you are afraid of starting conversations.  Adding to that, the game goes on forever, and you don’t have to do the same level over and over again.  Those are the ways NBA 2k18 is changing sport games, because they are making it less like a game and more like real life.

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NBA 2k18