Vikings aren’t doing enough.

Sasha Ryshkus, Staff Writer

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The Minnesota Vikings linked arms on Sunday, September the 24th. This comes after Donald Trump tweeted about and in a speech criticized the growing number of players not participating in the national anthem before football games.

This movement among players started last season with Colin Kapernick. He wanted to start a conversation about the treatment of people of color in this country highlighting police brutality as an issue. He has since been jobless despite last season playing better than half of the starting quarterbacks so far this season.

After the presidents speech, some teams like Seattle didn’t come out to the field for the national anthem and released a statement in support of its players and critical of the treatment of african americans in this country. On the opposite side of the spectrum the Cincinnati Bengals released a statement declaring that football is not the place for politics. This is a thinly veiled criticism against black athletes with a platform to speak who decide to use it.

Somewhere in the middle is the Minnesota Vikings, locking arms with team ownership but standing none the less. The vikings only made any aknowledgement of the situation once the NFL itself was attacked. Two major events of black men being wrongfully killed by cops have happened in the last three years in the community this team represents. The Minnesota Vikings don’t need to be stood up for, the black community does.

Kneeling itself won’t change anything, but look at the stir its caused. It has crossed sports and levels of competetivity down to youth sports. There is a movement of questioning authority that needs to be furthered and those athletes are doing just that.

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Vikings aren’t doing enough.