Soccer Injuries and How We Can Prevent Them

Mohamed Hassan, Staff Writer

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  Soccer is one of the most interesting games in the world, but soccer can sometimes have its lows, and injuries are one of them.  Also soccer injuries can be the most painful injuries, because you break lots of bones in the legs. Adding to that, soccer players wear shin guards, but that does not help a lot because more players are getting strong when it comes to the legs and that means the shin guards don’t protect as much. Therefore, more players are getting injured, because the shin guards are not helping as much. Also when asked if the shin guards really work, Hassen Hassen replied, “They feel they help but at the same time they feel like they don’t help”. In addition, we should invent more things to protect soccer players, because a lots of sports have more than one thing to protect their players. For example in American football they have helmets, pads and much more, while in soccer we just have shin guards. So when asked what he thinks of soccer only having shin guards for protection, Farah Dahir (a soccer player for Roosevelt) replied, “ We should have more things for protection because we will feel safe playing the game instead of worrying of injuries.”  Adding to that, there would be more kids wanting to play competitive soccer, because they know the game is safe and at the same time, fun to play. As you can see, soccer may be a fun game, but every fun thing has some negative things, and the negative thing in soccer is injuries.

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Soccer Injuries and How We Can Prevent Them