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Reshawn Barrett and Joseph Gonzalez

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School is not always a bad thing. School has its ups and downs. A pro of school is you get to try out for sports (if they have sports). Our school Roosevelt has multiple sports you can join, such as soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, and ultimate frisbee. Keep in mind these sports are both boys and girls, different cultures, different ages from freshman to senior year.

Varsity sports have responsibilities, on and off the field/court. Varsity sports take time and dedication for the game, you have to be able to accept criticism, compliments, feedback on your games. There will be sacrifices you will have to make if you’re on a varsity sport. Off the field/court you have to make sure your grades are up and your GPA does not go lower than a 2.0. Practices go late, so you will have to find time in your night to do your homework. Some teams have study groups for homework and help before you go to practice. Roosevelt sports are competitive and very fun to be apart of. You go from teammates to family in a matter of games or an entire season. Sports can bring a lot out of a person, it can show us who you truly are when the game is on the line, or when your teammate is on the ground, you have to help and pick your team mate up .   

School sports are very competitive, there are teams that will destroy you and blow you out, there are teams that you will destroy a team. The close games are the ones you will never forget. In the end you are there to win and have fun, make sure to have good sportsmanship. When you have a away game, you are there to show your school spirit. You are their to make your school proud. It’s time to put Roosevelt back on the map for sports.

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Inside From Varsity Sports