Experiences as an Exchange Student at Roosevelt

Ariane Hochadel, Staff Writer

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I’ve spent the last five months at a different school, in a foreign country, on another continent, on the other side of the world.

When I first came to Roosevelt, I didn’t only feel kind of lost, I really got lost a couple of times. Even though this school might be considered as ‘small’ for most of you, for somebody from Germany, it’s still big.

On my first day of school I didn’t even find the exit, but luckily, the Roosevelt community is so nice, so that I only had to ask somebody, and the person would escort me to the exit. And not only there, I got accompanied by a different student to every single one of my classes, and they would even introduce me to the teachers.

What I admire at Roosevelt the most is, the support everybody gives to one another. Not only do students help other students – teachers, staff and engineers all support and help each other.

This school made me feel like I’m welcome there every single day. Students, teachers and staff helped me out, whenever I had a question or problem.

I am glad to be a part of this community and so grateful for the time I was able to spent here.

I’m forever a Teddie.

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Experiences as an Exchange Student at Roosevelt