The History of Roosevelt’s Track Team

An interview with Coach Sharp

Ariane Hochadel, Staff Writer

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Coach Sharp has basically spent his whole life at Roosevelt. When he attended Roosevelt as a student, he did cross country and track.

He did track for three years, because back then, high school was only through grades 10 to 12. His favorite event was the two mile run, but he also ran medleys and relays. Sharp’s 4 x 1600m relay got 3rd, and broke the school record, which is still standing today.

Track and Field itself has been around a long time in Minneapolis, even back in the 30’s. When Sharp started, the track was only 352 yards, which is about one fifth of mile, and the surface was really different – it was only grass.

“After the snow melted, the back straight away in the part of the second curve was under water and we literally had ducks swimming in the back straight away until it dried out”, he explained.

Track and Field used to be more popular back then, so the size of the team was way larger than it is today. They had a few girls on the team, but on the boy’s side they would start the season off with a hundred boys.

Track was almost as popular as American football and they needed a couple busses to get all the kids to the meets.

He worked his way up from being an athlete himself and helping out the coaches, to becoming an assistant and finally a head coach. “I’m actually the 5th and the 7th boys coach in the history of roosevelt track,” he says.

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The History of Roosevelt’s Track Team