Hall Sweep Mania

A look at the beginning of Quarter 2 and the implementation of hall sweeps.

Tor Anderson, Staff Writer

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Students at Roosevelt high school are not happy about the recent hall sweeps. Hall sweeps seem to be in striking contrast to the usual disciplinary standards here.”The administration needs to make up their mind about what approach they’re going to take,” says senior Marquan Burton.

Classrooms are locked and students found in the hallways regardless of  the circumstances are suspended for the remainder of the day.

”I feel like the school policies at Roosevelt are generally pretty lenient but I feel this is strict and unfair,” says senior Certeria Magee. The policies aim to discourage students from roaming the hallways and encourage them to get t

o class according to the Roosevelt handbook, however many question the effectiveness of the sweeps due to their infrequency.

How do you feel about hall sweeps? Are they effective, or just an unnecessary evil?


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Hall Sweep Mania