2016-2017 Staff

Don-minika Mitchell

Staff Writer

Don-minika is an out-going girl that likes to hangout with friends and to be open-minded. She is really friendly her favorite colors are purple and black. She like to be unique!

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Mohamed Farah

Staff Writer

Mohamed Farah is a freshman. He was born and raised in Minneapolis. He works very hard to maintain his 3.97 GPA.

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Nugomsa Mohammed


This is Nugomsa Mohammed. He is a Senior at Roosevelt. He loves to play football. He plans to attend Mankato State University next year.

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Anastasia Mlsna-Lubin

Staff Writer

Anastasia Mlsna-Lubin is a new writer to the Roosevelt Standard. She is in tenth grade and hopes to accumulate more writing skills through journalism.

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Ariane Hochadel

Staff Writer

Ariane is a Junior at Roosevelt and is also an exchange student from Germany. She’s on the track team and will visit RHS until the end of the 2nd semester. During her stay in the U.S., she’s living with her relatives. Most of the time, Arian...

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Mohamed Hassan

Staff Writer

Mohamed Hassan is a student writer for the roosevelt high school journalism.  The reason why Mohamed joined Journalism is the fact he heard that Journalism is a good class to take because it is something college’s love seei...

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Clemente Garcia

Staff Writer

Clemente is a chill person he is sometimes goofy when you get to know him well, he is fun to hang around with. He likes to challenge you in any sport, his hobby is playing soccer or basketball, he sometimes likes to make bets...

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Noelani Smith

Staff Writer

Noelani is a senior here at Roosevelt High School, you may her as one of the cheerleaders. She’s also apart the AACC (African American Culture Club), but there’s more to know about her. Noelani was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsi...

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Khaloni Freemont

Staff Writer

Khaloni Freemont, RHS freshman. Khaloni is a Native American activist, and is very involved in her community. She goes to school, and works right after. And just when she thinks her day is up, she puts her baby sister to bed. No...

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Malik Akintola

Staff Writer

Malik Akintola is a varsity debater for the Roosevelt High School debate team. He plans on becoming a professor as a profession. He spend most of his time outside of school doing research, and reading high theory....

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Tor Anderson

Staff Writer

Tor is a senior at Roosevelt High School.He enjoys reading and eating spicy food in his spare time.He would like to study psychology in college (though he has not decided where) and travel the world!

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Olivia Mallery

Staff Writer

Olivia is a sophomore at Roosevelt High School. This is her first year on the Standard staff. She was on stage crew for both plays last year, and will be on it for both plays this year as well. Olivia considers herself a prof...

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Lelisena Abdurazak

Staff Writer

Lelisena Abdurazak  is sophomore student at roosevelt high school. She is a muslim girl who  was born in Ethiopia in a city called Dire dawa,  hardly had she turn to five when she moved to Kenya with her mom and raised there. ...

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Tracy Rogers

Staff Writer

Tracy is a senior at Roosevelt High School after transferring from South High School. Senior says “I transferred to Roosevelt because of the school having smaller classes and from her wanting to be focused”. She was born ...

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Sofia Clement-Potegal

Staff Writer

Sofia Clement-Potegal is an awkward freshman. She is a super nerd with a close knit group of friends, Sofia wants to be an author or first responder. She struggles with grades, but believes she can do anything she wants if she...

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Ella Butler

Staff Writer

Ella Butler is a freshman at Roosevelt High School. She is very positive and [almost] always has a smile on her face. Ella plans on joining the Track team. Outside of school, Ella likes to read, write poetry, go to movies, dra...

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Amber Atkinson

Staff Writer

Atkinson is currently a freshman at Roosevelt High School. Even though she is one of the youngest in the school as of current, Atkinson is already involved in many different activities at Roosevelt, including journalism and soccer...

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Kayla Sledge

Staff Writer

You may know her as a cross country & track runner for the Roosevelt teddies, or maybe from the roosevelt choir, but there is more to her than just an athlete. She was born and raised on the southside of Chicago, IL. She t...

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Brenda Rufino

Staff Writer

Brenda Rufino is a senior at Roosevelt High School. She enjoys listening to music, math, and hanging out with her family. Brenda tends to look at the positive things in life and always finds a way to keep on moving forward. Her ...

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Rachel Lawrence

Staff Writer

Rachel is a senior this year at Roosevelt High School. You may know her from the RHS hallways as a cheerleader and/or queer feminist and social justice activist. While cheerleading is a fun hobby that she enjoys, Rachel's true...

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Luke Barnes

Staff Writer

Luke Barnes is a sophomore journalist for The Roosevelt Standard. He is a varsity basketball player and an all around student. He was born and raised in the Minneapolis. He enjoys the big city and hopes to live in downtown Manha...

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